Algis Kriščiūnas

Existentialism and humanistic view of life are the main creative guidelines of Algis Kriščiūnas. Each of his work is born out of joy or anxiety, and has its own history. Each picture have coded message which you read the way you feel at the time. His works are not just interior decoration - painting hanging on the wall emits a distinctive sense, and it changes depending on the observer's mood. Painter's added feeling is only half the battle - the real emotional value of the work one feel adding their own life experiences. Algis Kriščiūnas' paintings surrealistic style is used to purify a main idea: life is what we imagine it.
"As a teenager I wrote with a marker on my wrist - "Art makes life worth living". Through many years of letters worn, but the words remained deep in my heart." Algis Kriščiūnas manifests itself as a versatile artist - pop art creator, painter, book illustrator, photographer, musician and author of the lyrics. His large-format pop art works and photographs decorates public buildings and private interiors in Lithuania and abroad.

Artist Works