Arūnas Rutkus

Rutkus today is not only a surname but it is also a new style. Since the sculpture Venus of Lespugue on 30 000 B.C. to Modern Times, image of a woman is the main index that illustrates the whole history of art. Talented Rutkus hand creates the powerful image, which stands out from the rest and remains in one’s head long after. In the fame of the canvas, the face and the body of Rutkus woman connects with incredibly detailed accessories creating unique figure which expresses sensuality, mystery and charm. There is no point of writing long about Rutkus women, you have to see impressive size pictures of women and it will be clear what God had in mind while creating a woman.

Paintings of Arunas Rutkus can be found in galleries and private collections in the USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Holland, France, Russia, Belgium, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Spain, Israel, United Arab Emirates. Arunas Rutkus painting called "Leaf" belongs to a popular singer Sting.

1990 Vincent Gallery – personal exhibition, Denmark.
1990 Young Artists Association Gallery, Hungary.
1991. Vincent Gallery – personal exhibition, Denmark.
1992. Campo San Zaccario, Italy.
1992. Vartai Gallery (Vilnius, Lithuania)1993. Sheikh of Sharjah acquired one of A.Rutkus paintings for a constant exposition in Sharjah Art Museum. (1993 European Painting, Sharjah Art Museum, UAE.
1994. Vartai Gallery, Lithuania.
1995. 4th St. Petersburg Bennial „Spatia Nova", Russia.
1995. The Art Society of International Monetary Fund organized a personal exhibition of Arunas Rutkus in Washington, USA.
1997. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany organized a personal exhibition of Arunas Rutkus in Bonn, Germany.
1999. Personal exhibition was organized in NATO Headquarters Manfred Worner building in Brussels – the personal exhibition of Arunas Rutkus painting. Since then the painting of Arunas Rutkus called "Woman", decorates the reception of the Secretary General of NATO.
2000. Arka Gallery (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2002. Vasby Konsthall, upplands Vasby (Stockholm, Sweden)
2003. INFRA Gallery (Stockholm, Sweden)
2007. Domus Gallery (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2010. Lithuanian National Drama Theatre (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2010. Art Hotel "Eze Hermitage" (Eze, France)
2011. Art Cannes (Cannes, France)
2011. "Art en Capital", Grand Palais (Paris, France)
2011. Salon de SNBA, Carrousel du Louvre (Paris, France)
2012. "Galleri New Form" (Trelleborg, Sweden)
2013. „Kunstraum Connex“ (Leipzig, Germany)
2013. Gallery „Art Montparnasse“ (Paris, France)

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