Miglė Kosinskaitė

Each time different, intentionally shocking but yet playful and creative Migle paintings evolve every day. With phenomenal characters fulfilled paintings not only create that playful charm, but also add some questions that are out of frames. It seems that Migle is creating theatrical stories behind every single character and only afterwards she gives these stories images. Heroes of paintings communicate through their silhouettes, making observer listen to them.

2001. Became part of Lithuanian Artist Union.
2003. "Three grams of retro retro" exhibition @ Ruta gallery, Lithuania.
2005. "Monologues of Buduar" art exhibition, Lithuania.
2007. "Bele Epoque" art exhibition, Lithuania.
2008. Personal exhibition @ "Vanloons&Simons", Netherlands.
2009. Art Exhibition "He and She", Ukraine.
2010. Primavera Art Fair, Netherlands.
2010. Personal art exhibition "Ozverevšyje" @ AnnaNova gallery, Russia.
2011. Personal art exhibition "Monogamy"", @ Connection history museum, Lithuania.
2012. Personal art exhibition "Color, Mood, Symbol" @ Balta gallery, Lithuania.

Artist Works