Peeter Krosmann

Peeter Krosmann (b 1971, Pärnu, Estonia) is a painter living and working in Kaunas, Lithuania. He has studied in the Konrad Mägi Studio in Tartu and has graduated in 2005 from the Painting Department of University of Tartu. Since 1999, Krosmann has been teaching various subjects including drawing, illustration and comics design in the Tartu Art School and in the Tartu Art College. In 2015, he was awarded the Ado Vabbe Art Award. Although most of his personal exhibitions have taken place in Tartu, he has also exhibited in Lithuania, Latvia, France and Norway. His style mixes together a traditional approach to painterly technique with a contemporary view of the world that surrounds him. He is a noted portraitist and is well known for his depictions of urban settings. Krosmann has also created various large-scale permanent art works using sgraffito.

Artist Works