Gintaras Tadauskas

Gintaras Tadauskas art is exceptional not only because of unique technique, but also of values that lays down in his paintings. Artist express his soul while looking for inspiration in Bible. Strong roots of the trees with sun catching birds at the top of those trees, ugly catterpillar transformation into beautiful butterfly and short but yet magical journey of his lifetime, charming dances of winches in the forest  - are just few moments that explains beauty of life. “Trees, butterflies, birds are those things guiding us forward, into something that is eternal. Longer than our life journey” - believes artist.

Tadauskas paintings are crafted with one of the oldest technique. According to artist, this technique is special, because with using the same technique were painted icons, which remained for centuries. Mineral tempera is unique for a reason - minerals are extracted from stone, than mixed with egg yolks. Colors obtained using this method are remains unchanged for centuries. Rich and vivid, sometimes mysterious colors  and charming glow of Tadauskas art allures its spectators and makes their glance worth a moment.

Artist Works