My Face Art

My Face Art is a platform that exclusively represents the work of the artist Vladas Mackevičius.

V. Mackevičius is a creator known for a long time on the international art scene. The artist constantly balances between the themes of good and evil, trying to draw public attention to the relevant themes, often ironically recalling the real priorities. The author's work is full of irony and his art is like a game that undoubtedly engages the viewer and makes him think, smile, admire and laugh out loud.

Today, the artist’s works are already stored in fourteen museum repositories around the world.

The geography of personal painting exhibitions is very wide (Their artist has hosted over 20): from Shanghai to the USA.

The works of Vladas Mackevičius have been acquired not only by Lithuanian art lovers - they are also admired by world-famous singers Roisin Murphy, Vaya Con Dios, composer Ennio Morricone, director Emiras Kusturica and others.

Artist Works