Onutė Juškienė

We could undoubtedly call Onutė Juškienė's work magical realism. Her painted scenes are sometimes just real objects and scenes, sometimes they are touched by a myth, a fairy tale, a dream but always vibrating with the beauty of a dream. Romantic canvases are provided by the extremely sensitive and captivating light, the warm color, the favorite color of the ocher and, of course, the dreamy scenes. The artist's work speaks of love, friendship, dance, a childhood full of discoveries, the inexhaustible layers of beauty of nature, the charm of simple everyday moments. The artist’s craftsmanship is truly exceptional. It is not only able to convey reality in detail, carefully but also makes you believe in miracles. This requires a particularly masterful mastery of painting as an illusory art. There is no room in her works for error, incompleteness, more rude generalisation. On the other hand, the artist is well versed in combining the detailed and the generalised. In works, the first plan is often "focused" and the second is covered with background fog. - Art critic Austėja Mikuckytė-Mateiene

Artist Works